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Nexim Alloys is the most dominating manufacturers, stockists, supplier & exporter of copper Sheets. These copper sheets do have its applications in furniture, electrical applications, research & development, arts & craft and more. These Sheets has its features like good mechanical properties, corrosion & abrasion resistant, easy fibre brazing & welding, good conductor of heat & electricity, long lasting strength & also features like excellent dimensional control & high crack resistance which makes these materials easy to cut, machine and otherwise form. These Sheets has its application in industries like pressure vessels, steam condensers, heat exchangers, welded tanks, ship building, oil exploration, missile components & more. The Sheets are made of best quality raw material & do match national & international quality standard & this helps us to have high demand in the market from our customers.

Visit us here: http://neximalloys. com
Call us : +91- 8082302533

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Nexim Alloys is a predominant player in the worldwide business sector for the manufacturing, trading, subcontracting, im...
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