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Данные Товара

Product: HMS 1, Fe-content: 95% (MIN) ISRI 200

Origin: South America

Quantity: 300,000 metric tons +/- 5% for One year supply contract

Part shipments: 12 x no more than 20,000 - 25,000 metric tons per month +/-5%

Packing: bulk

Delivery basis: CFR

Price: USD 365.00 PER metric ton Main Ports India, Bangladesh

Price: USD 345.00 PER metric ton Main Ports Turkey
Price is subject to final confirmation and modification as per final destination.

Price validity: 3 mon
th – thereafter to be re-negotiated two weeks before shipment.
Price change: not allowed to exceed more than 10% fluctuation per re- negotiation.

Payment: 10% by swift wire transfer within 5 working days after closing of the SAP Contract.
90% by Irrevocable Documentary Letter of Credit confirmed by a first class world bank payable 100% at sight against marine & commercial documents.

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