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US $200,00 / Т
100,00 Т
T/T, Cash, Other
Packaged in containers of 25 metric tons per container

Данные Товара

1.HMS 1 & 2 (80:20) confirming ISRI 200-206.
2.Shredded Steel Scrap confirming ISRI 210-211
Metal Iron scraps

Our company is a leading importer of ferrous and nonferrous metals. We import industrial scrap metal and obsolete scrap metal and supplies the recycled metals to its customers, including integrated steel mills, foundries, secondary smelters, and metals brokers.
In ferrous we mainly deal in HMS1 & 2 Material Specification Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS 1& 2) ,80% HMS 1 &
20 % HMS 2 confirming to ISRI 200-206
Steel scraps shall be totally free from any types of radiation, bombs, arms and ammunition, mines, shell, cartridges, sealed containers, gas cylinders, explosive shells or explosive materials in any form either used or otherwise as per the specification below.
HMS 1 – ISRI Code 200: heavy melting steel. Wrought iron and/or Steel scrap ¼ inch or steel scrap ¼ inch and over in thickness. Individual pieces not over 60 x 24 inches
HMS 1 – ISRI Code 201: heavy melting steel 3 feet x 18 inches. Wrought iron or steel scrap ¼
HMS 1 – ISRI Code 202: heavy melting steel 5 feet x 18 inches. Wrought iron or steel scrap ¼
HMS 2 – ISRI Code 203: heavy melting steel. Wrought iron or Steel scrap, Black and Galvanized.
1/8 inch and over in thickness, charging box size to include material not suitable as no.1 heavy melting steel.
HMS 2 – ISRI Code 204: same as ISRI 203 but max size 36×18 inches.
HMS 2 – ISRI Code 205: same as ISRI 204 but free of sheet iron or thin-gauged material.HMS 2 – ISRI Code 206: same as ISRI 204, but max size 60 x 18 inches

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