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PET plastic flakes with a very high quality. Hot washed.
Our company santexscrapventures ltd We Soul for PET plastic flakes Production for PET flakes Import & Export Co. We have two private factories for producing PET Plastic Flakes and 6 crushers for our own production too in Thailand . We have our own and private documents and license for Import & Export. We are expanding our business all over the world with exporting to China, India, Turkey, KSA, Germany and UK.

We are engaged in the field of producing plastic flakes since 2001 with the good experience in producing and exporting all over the world.

Each production line consists of 3 cold wash steps and two hot wash steps with a dust removing machine one step. We are using special chemicals to assure the quality, brightness and cleanliness of the flakes. Also we are removing the labels, caps and rings while controlling the PVC content from 0 - 300 PPM/MT " Not necessary to be 300 ppm but We like always to give a space to move not to have any problem with our customers ".

1. Our products all of Hot Washed.

2. All products characterized by its cleaning, clear, brightness and purity.

3. Removal of all the labels, rings and caps.

4. Using of different chemicals to introduce our products high quality.

5. PVC content to be controlled with 0 - 50 PPM maximum.

6. Melting temp.: 256 C.

7. Flakes size around 8 - 14 mm. ( as per request )

8. I.V. : 0.72 - 0.78 dl/gm.

9. Density : 0.16 - 0.32 g/cm3. " Changes according to the flakes size ". 1

0. Moisture less than 1 % and may be no moisture.

Please feel free to contact us any time for more details, prices, photos and full specifications:

Wish to hear from you with our best regards.

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