Used Rail Metal Scrap R50/R65

AU Metal (Alluvial Gold Dust) For Sales

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1 200 000,00 Т
L/C, T/T
7 день(ни).

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Material: Used Rail Metal Scrap R50/R65
Price: US$175 per MT (FOB) and US$210 CIF
Annual Purchase Quantity: 1,200,000MT
Shipment Quantity per Month: Minimum 30,000MT and Maximum 120,000MT
Payment Term: Documentary Letter of Credit or T/T.
Loading Port: Apapa Tin-Can Lagos
Length of Materials: 12.5 meters, but the authorities specified that rails must be cut to maximum length of 2.5 meter to enable shipment. Yard visit is allowed.Inspection: To be conducted at the loadin
g port by SGS or equivalent.

Pure steel, R50-51.67 kg/m GOST 7173-75.
R65-64.72 kg/m GOST 8165-75
Non-Metal impurities total 1% (one percent) or less, no radiation. Mn: 0.60-1.05, C: 0.54-0.82, s1: 0.18-0.12, s: 0.04 Max, P: 0.035 Max, AS: 0.01% Max of Mass Share; AND Cr: Residual.

Anxiously waiting to your response through our direct Email:[email protected]

Best regards,
David Ibeku.
for Ets Ibeku Sarl

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