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US $280,00 / Т
30 000,00 Т
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30 день(ни).

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Current LC Prices as of June 2020

200-206 HMS 1-2 30,000-300,000 MT/US$290 Latvia/Russia
200-206 HMS 1-2 30,000+MT/US$280 Latvia/Russia
200-202 HMS 1 30,000-300,000 MT/US$300 Latvia/Russia
R50-R65 Rail 12-36m 30,000-300,000 MT/US$300 Latvia/Russia
R50-R65 Rail 12-36m 30,000+MT/US$290 Latvia/Russia
R50-R65 Rail 1.2m, 1.5m 30,000-300,000 MT/US$310Latvia/Russia
R50-R65 Rail 1.2m, 1.5m 300,000+MT/US$310 Latvia/Russ

Prices subject to change until contract is issued and signed; overpricing 50-50 with seller. Iron Ore, we offer Platts pricing 62%+ on 5 day average -7% discount.*only available on a 1-month deposit LC contract.

For Serious Buyers: Please provide your Business Letter Headed Letter Of Intent (LOI) including Quantity, Destination Seaport and Target Price.

Have a great day

Tony Barnao
Ecoready Ltd

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